22 Apr

Tonight is the night. The reveal of the banners will be at 7 p.m. in Stamper Commons Pit. This year’s theme of Greek Week is “Let’s go to the movies”.

Stay tuned for posts and photos…


the truth about GREEK LIFE

5 Dec

We Love our Dads

20 Nov

The Best Kind of Father Raises a Greek Daughter!

It’s Fall so you know what that means… Dads Weekend! Spending time with our sisters and our dads is one of the special traditions both KD and Tri-Sigma share. 

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Big Little <3

5 Nov

In each sorority, new members are paired up with an older member who is their “Big Sis”. She acts as a mentor and friend to help guide the new member along in her greek education process. It is one of the most exciting times of the semester and its filled with presents,laughter, excitement and anticipation. Your Big Sis is a secret until the day of reveal, but leaves clues to help you figure out who she may be.

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Fall Recruitment 2012

19 Sep

We are so excited for our lovely new Greek women! Here is a look back on this years recruitment…

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Skit Night

13 Sep

See you all again tonight at 7:45 :) 


12 Sep

Please meet in the Roblee basement at 7:45 to get signed in! 


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