Formal Recruitment is almost here!

We are all so excited for Recruitment 2014 to begin and to welcome some amazing women into our chapters. This blog hasn’t been updated in two years but we are back on track and ready to make recruitment information as accessible as possible for potential new members and current sorority members. 

Incoming Stephens Women- Are you interested in Greek Life? If so, we invite you to explore this blog and learn about both of our awesome sororities on Stephens campus. Make sure to check out the “what to expect” tab and the bios on both sororities. We have some pictures of some of our favorite events from a couple years ago listed below if you want to get an inside look on some of the fun things we do. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us! We hope to see you at recruitment this year! 

Current Kappa Deltas/Tri Sigmas- Make sure to utilize this website, along with Panhel’s Facebook page, to stay up to date on all of recruitment, greek week, and sisterhood event information. Check out the “schedule” tab and mark your calendars for those recruitment dates…it’ll be here before you know it!